AMS is integrated with our HR system to give you control over all elements of your Acadmemy.

AMS Software

ByteAccess AMS is an online academy management system  that saves time and gives you access to a library of information.  This system has recently been extensively reworked to include a fully integrated cutting edge e-portfolio called NVQ Star.

The application is designed to be fully customisable, The existing modules can be tailored to your existing company processes or completely new modules can be written to your specifications.

  • Support during start-up and the accreditation process
  • Arranging government funding for apprentice training on your behalf (where criteria are met)
  • Internal Verification as part of our quality assurance process
  • Full access to the Academy Management System with the following functions:
  • Management of your Learners
  • Management of your training process
  • Tracking Learners' progress and Cohort Management
  • Teaching resources for hairdressing NVQ Level 2 and Level 3 programme and Key/Functional Skills
  • Resources and learning materials for Learners
  • HR functions
  • Secure, backed-up, web-based data storage
  • Apprentice recruitment and placement support
  • Support with building a network of partner salons
  • Staff recruitment and training (assessing and teaching qualifications)
  • Ongoing telephone support
  • Quality assurance and business development
  • Reduced administration burden
  • Compliance - online

ByteAccess Family

The ByteAccess suite of products can be fully integrated with one another. Use the Clocking module to record employees clocking on and clock off shift.

Integrate with the ByteAccess point of sales application to record staff productivity.

Use the Invoices add on to manage client invoices and payments.


NA managers have a full veto over all changes and system events.

Apprentices can maintain their own data.

A library of knowledge at your fingertips.


Author your own journy, or use our inbuilt one, to deliver qualifications directly to apprentices.

Receive realtime updates on your apprentices progress.

Interact with our specialist team, and receive support on the set up of your academy.