Web based HR management for SMEs or multi client HR consultancies.

Our Software

ByteAccess HR application is an online human resources system that saves time and provides simple management of all staff related issues.

The application is designed to be fully customisable, The existing modules can be tailored to your existing company processes or completely new modules can be written to your specifications.

The application will also work out of the box and has been designed with strong inbuilt HR policy.

  • HR data is available, using appropriate security levels, to all employees
  • HR data is in one central location
  • Automatic calculation of holiday allowance for employees
  • Record employee absences
  • Create your own powerful reports against the data
  • Time sheeting capabilities
  • Intelligent alerts and emails when system events occur
  • Upload documents against individual employees
  • Mail merge employee data with your own document templates
  • Receive fully customisable alerts to your email inbox
  • Import data from external sources
  • Export working time or timesheet data to standard payroll packages
  • Integration of existing payroll systems
  • Clock on/off and POS modules available

ByteAccess Family

The ByteAccess suite of products can be fully integrated with one another. Use the Clocking module to record employees clocking on and clock off shift.

Integrate with the ByteAccess point of sales application to record staff productivity.

Use the Invoices add on to manage client invoices and payments.


HR managers have a full veto over all changes and system events.

Staff can maintain their own data.

Store all information about employees in one secure central location with automatic backup.


Create teams and give permissions for absence coordinators to authorise holidays and absences.

Decide which events you wish to receive alerts about.

Each employee has access to their own area with the ability to request holidays and changes to their personal data.

Much of the business functionality is customisable by you the client. This enables properly qualified business users to "tweak" the system without reference to technical support personel.