Web based solutions for insurance brokers and agents.

How We Help

Every Broker and Financial Advisor uses computers to a certain degree. If you have developed your own in house databases, spreadsheets and document libraries you probably recognise how important appropriate technology is to the successful running of their business. You may also recognise that you are spending more and more time and money on supporting those essential applications.

Increasingly small organisations in the financial sector are adopting the strategy of outsourcing their IT requirements. This strategy will give you much more for a lot less.

Imagine never having to worry about software licences, backups, data security and what happens if your system is destroyed?

What if you want to open a branch office, close a branch office or allow a key person to work from home whilst on maternity leave? All these things are possible with virtually a zero cost once you have moved your business to a ByteSure platform.

Policy Management with ByteSureedit

All stages in the life of a policy are covered including the all important quotation, document management and automatic renewal reminders.

If you wish you can allow your customers to view their details online, renew their policy or register a claim. You can use your data to conduct email marketing campaigns or offer existing customers additional services.

eBusiness with eByteSure

Our eByteSure product is fully customisable for Commercial or Person Lines insurance and may be adapted to any financial product.

Once set up it gives you a commercial presence on the web that allows potential clients to request quotations or even purchase a policy without your intervention. Data arrives on your desk top, money arrives in your bank account!


The software you use is professionally written, robust and subject to regular free upgrades.

IT experts ensure your systems are working at all times.

Built in data security and disaster recovery.

The cost to you is predictable over an agreed period of time.

You no longer need dedicated in house IT expertise saving you time and money

You focus on your core business giving your customers the service they expect and deserve.


  • Customer Management
  • Document management
  • Premium calculation
  • Managing Regulatory changes
  • Configurable underwriter decisions
  • Accounts reconciliation
  • Data security
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Multi layered security