Business networks, supply chain management.

Manage Better

Key features of all applications developed using SMERP is the ability to link or network branded instances of an application and control user access to all data, screens and fields at any number of user levels.

This makes the ByteAccess solution particularly relevant to organisations who provide the same service to many clients or those who want to “white label” their application to suite multiple markets whilst keeping the valuable data in one place.

Working With You

The flexibility of the Business Networking application means we can configure the product to suit your needs.

We can create a standalone networking application that can be used within one business or we can create a bureau system connecting multiple organisations together. With top level users being able to report across all users.

Create strong branding throughout the application, with the choice of having different brands for different organisations.

You focus on your core business giving your customers the service they expect and deserve.


The software you use is professionally written, robust and subject to regular free upgrades.

IT experts ensure your systems are working at all times.

Built in data security and disaster recovery.

The cost to you is predictable over an agreed period of time.

You no longer need dedicated in house IT expertise saving you time and money


Decide which events you wish to receive alerts about.

Store all information about users in one secure central location with automatic backup.