Our primary purpose is providing high quality cost effective web based business applications using our tried and tested SMERP application framework.

Why ByteAccess

We deliver competitively priced web based business applications using our own in-house developed Small to Medium size Enterprise Resource Planning (SME-RP) web application generator. SME-RP delivers an application framework similar to familiar enterprise level offerings but at a fraction of the cost.

As a starting point we offer several pre configured applications or we can take all your old desk top applications and consolidate them into one central web based application.

Working With You

We work closely with our clients from defining initial project requirements through to constructing simple websites or robust data management plans and processes.

It is a key feature of our relationship with customers that we can, and will by preference, work within the clients business culture and environment. Close ties and good working relationships with in house staff are essential for the successful delivery of simple as well as complex data projects.


You the client are empowered to modify the presentation, on screen wording, help text and business processes without reference to ByteAccess.

You can fine tune your own business applications to suit your changing needs without the need for experienced IT consultants.


Maximum security from outside interference is ensured through the use of Microsoft .NET technology throughout.

Application security is controlled by any number of definable user access levels.